Improve your favorite radio-station!
Test music and evaluate radio-stations in your area.

You decide with your opinion e.g. which song will go onair and which song will disappear in the archives!


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What Users Say

Try it!!

AJ Kelly, New Zealand

Thank you so much – absolutely loved doing the survey – please send me some more, was so much fun!!! It’s a great way to be able to rate songs you play or intend to play. Please keep up the good formula you have discovered with this station.

Flora, Australia

If you like this fun way to select the music played on radio Plus chance to when a prize for just letting the radio know what type music you want to here

Rachel, Australia

You guys are awesome and I’ll definitely keep doing those surveys! They’re fun and you get to have a say about what music is played, plus a chance to win like I did, it’s a win win situation!!

Sarah, Australia

What Clients Say is a fantastic tool that replicates virtually every aspect of an AMT, giving us reliable, accurate, and proven results. We have done several side-by-side studies, putting their online tests up against traditional AMTs, and have seen almost identical results. has helped us to increase our ratings and enabled us to save considerably on our research budget. From a personal point of view, Martin will be a part of your team. It has been a very enriching experience. We realized many projekts in Slowenia and Germany and every time we create an specific Way to get important Facts about the local market. Thanks Martin! .
Alex Kind - Programme Director, Star FM, Berlin, Germany
In Moscow – on the most crowded radio market in the world no one of “secondary thing”. Every seconds in the air you should to be best! Thanks to you have a more chances to be best. Powerfull tool let you control and fix fast, if it needs, every elements in the air. Even more – with simple and understandable interface you can show to all in your team what need to do for best results!
Yury Fedorov - Programme Director, Radio 7, Moscow