The myradiotest team represents some of the industry’s most experienced  professionals. Our team demonstrates extensive knowledge in a range of radio solutions, with experience spanning not only Europe, but around the world.


Martin Kopp

Manager mymusictest.com 

Martin has a strong radio background with experience in on-air production, on-air presentation and programming. Martin operates myradiotest, which is the first multilingual online platform for radio stations testing music and other programming content. Martin also specialises in the development and management of client databases and relationship marketing.


Vasileios Ntasos (Bill)

Research Manager

Vasileios has over 12 years of media experience with an extensive background in research, music scheduling, on-air presentation/promotion and production. As Senior Research Manager, he is responsible for the planning, organisation and management of large scale and complex multinational projects, strengthening the performance and market share of some of the biggest global television and radio enterprises.


Stamatoula Gkougka (Matina)

Project Manager

Matina is a social media lover, with over five years of experience in Project Management, as well as a proven ability in demonstrating high quality results. As Junior Project Manager, Matina executes, monitors and controls various online research projects for our clients around the globe, including music tests and large scale strategic studies.

Some of Our Clients


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