A clear and focused strategy is the key to any successful station. myradiotest can help you create and implement your best strategy based on quantifiable research outcomes.

Music Strategy

Music programming involves both art and science. Research and feel. We use both.

What music expectations does your station have, or need to build? We help you answer that question, and build systems to achieve the goal.

We’ll help build or refine the library based on the station’s strategy, set the rules, build clocks, recommend songs to add (and not) and help your team to create a great playlist – every single day.

Market Strategy

Having a clear and focused strategy is essential to the success of your station, and without a well-defined strategy, yours may stall or even fail. The right strategy does not come from the pure research results – The right strategy comes from the right interpretation of the research results. We help creating and implementing your best strategy based on research and not gut feeling.

Perceptual Studies

Perceptual research is a crucial component of radio research strategy. This study provides the programming team with the knowledge of what listeners want, and how they perceive each station’s performance in accordance with their expectations. The study covers many areas including Music, Branding, Formats, Personalities, Benchmarks and Contests.


Tracking involves weekly monitoring of trends in the market, testing elements such as stations cumed and most listened to, daypart listening, TSL (light, medium and heavy listening) and perceptions. Tracking research is a powerful too that enables programmers to fine tune their station’s performance on a regular basis, and gives them the ability to immediately address issues that are identified by this research.


Most Common Music Testing Mistakes

Getting the most out of your music testing at times can be a difficult task. To make this process as smooth for you as possible we have compiled a list of some of the most common mistakes when it comes to testing your station’s music, on how to best avoid them.

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