Choose from pre-built generic platforms through to custom designed user interfaces, questionaires and domains. Myradiotest outputs seamlessly to BPR Xplorer (TM) for expansive re-analysis options.


myradiotest can test awide range of content including text, music, speech still images, television footage and video. Combine content elements for an engaging test experience.


from DIY to full service, turn key research solutions: Benefit from or global market experience and proven platform – no matter what size your station or network.



A sophisticated database structure provides the opportunity for long term trend analysis based on any question criteria or respondent profile.


Leverage fast growing social networks as research gateways for drawing samples and identifying target audiences.


Go mobile creating engagement and fun for your listener while opening another channel of research opportunity with your target audience.

What We Do


Online AMT
Testing a large number of songs and offering many advantages over a traditional AMT, not least more reliable results.

Weekly Music Tests
 Testing 30-40 songs per week, generally focusing on new material.

Strategic Tracking & Perceptual Studies
Reducing the interviewer costs and hassle of long form telephone interviews.

P1 Health Checks
Perfect for monitoring image and satisfaction development within the station core between full market strategic studies


Idea Validation
An excellent way of assessing the demand or potential acceptance of a new programming idea against P1’s.

Tactical Music Tests
Great for conducting music polls and creating countdowns.

Social Networking
MRT offers a Facebook application ideal for building research panels from the stations Facebook community.

Crowd Aircheck
 Let your entire audience participate in an aircheck and let them have their say!

In Moscow – on the most crowded radio market in the world no one of “secondary thing”. Every seconds in the air you should to be best! Thanks to myradiotest.com you have a more chances to be best. Powerfull tool let you control and fix fast, if it needs, every elements in the air. Even more – with simple and understandable interface you can show to all in your team what need to do for best results!

Yury Fedorov – Programme Director, Radio 7, Moscow

Myradiotest.com is a fantastic tool that replicates virtually every aspect of an AMT, giving us reliable, accurate, and proven results. We have done several side-by-side studies, putting their online tests up against traditional AMTs, and have seen almost identical results. Myradiotest.com has helped us to increase our ratings and enabled us to save considerably on our research budget. From a personal point of view, Martin will be a part of your team. It has been a very enriching experience. We realized many projekts in Slowenia and Germany and every time we create an specific Way to get important Facts about the local market. Thanks Martin!

Alex Kind – Programme Director, Star FM, Berlin, Germany