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myradiotest lets your listeners choose which music gets played on your station. Let them decide what songs go on air and which disappear into the archives.

For Stations – Why Choose Us?

myradiotest offers a number of products and services, tailored to your specific needs, to assist in increasing listener satisfaction and ratings. All are available through a dashboard-style interface which can be accessed via web browser on any device.


Key Products and Services


Weekly Music Surveys

Our Weekly Music Surveys are designed to measure the life cycle of songs in a station’s format. Our weekly music surveys will keep your station up-to-date with the latest music trends, allowing detailed tracking of the song lifecycle – from unfamiliar, to peak, to decline.

Our Weekly Music Surveys allow up to forty songs and are conducted on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Part of our Weekly Music Surveys include screening participants to ensure that you’re getting an accurate representation of your station’s target audience – including age, gender, music interest and even station listening habits.

The results from our Weekly Music Surveys are available in a number of formats, from single week to full history, and can be imported into music scheduling software.
Available branded or unbranded in a number of languages.

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Catalogue Music Tests

Our Catalogue Music Test provides a complete review of your active music library, making it perfect for stations looking for a new format or a total catalogue refresh. These tests are capable of assessing over 1000 songs, structured to reduce participant fatigue.

Over two or three sessions, a Catalogue Music Test can provide you with a review of your whole catalogue. Like many of our services, Catalogue Music Tests are tailored to whatever suits your station best – right down to selecting external or internally recruited sample panels. The results of our Catalogue Music Tests can be exported into most music scheduling software, making the process more efficient.

Link the results of your Catalogue Music Tests to our experts at BPR Consultancy in order to get the most out of your results.

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Strategic Surveys

Strategic surveys (also know as non-music surveys or format finders) are market-based surveys designed to connect opportunities with the relevant brands and stations.

myradiotest constructs these surveys specifically for each client and market. We use a market representative sample in order to provide you with accurate listener tracking that reflects marketing listening and balanced strategic information.

We provide these surveys in various formats and languages, to clients of all sizes.

Our strategic surveys can be linked to our expert team at BPR Consultancy for further analysis and to assist you in developing alternative or complementary formats to achieve success.

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Music Maps

Music Maps are custom-built surveys which focus predominantly on music interest and opportunity across the total market. Music Maps give users the ability to listen to a wide range of music choices, allowing you to optimise the appeal of each segment and understand the fit and compatibility in building composite music formats.

We use a market representative sample for our Music Maps, ensuring that we provide you with a balanced perspective and the widest range of opinions, not linked directly to a current format.

Multi-language support and format optimisation that utilises source data bridges the gap between different music segments to create unique music formats.

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Talent Check

Talent Check is a cost effective online research tool that can be used to graphically demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of audio and video content. In the case of radio and television, it can be used to test shows, individual presenters and programming elements such as contesting, news bulletins, features and benchmarks. Talent Check can also be used to test advertising campaigns, promos and commercials.

Respondents complete the survey online in their own time from the convenience of where they live or work.

Talent Check can be used to test your talent and content, even if it’s in the developing stage, as well as the talent of your competitors. Respondents can also answer other questions as part of the survey. For example: rating the program and talent or asking image questions related to what you are testing (entertainment value, trust, believability etc).

Often, talent aren’t analytical enough to grasp the impact of research statistics alone. Talent Check allows Program Directors and Consultants to sit with the talent and let them watch the reaction of listeners or viewers to their program in real time. Graphic presentations of how their listeners or viewers are reacting to what they are doing clearly identifies the turn-ons and turn-offs from the perspective of real people in real time.

Talent Check will also uncover if the audience prefers one host over another, what topics spike interest, what topics turn people off, how they are engaging with a benchmark or contest, whether the hosts are talking too much, what happens to listener interest when the commercial break starts, and what happens when talking stops songs starts.
With Talent Check you can test new shows or benchmark concepts prior to broadcast. With Talent Check the user hears or sees exactly what you want to do and this provides a real reaction, not a theoretical prediction, reduing risk and enhancing the likelihood of success.


Other Products and Services

Online AMT

Test large numbers of songs with more reliable results than a traditional AMT

Weekly Music Tests

Test 30-40 songs per week, generally focusing on new material.

Strategic Tracking

Reduce interviewer costs and the hassle of long form telephone interviews

P1 Health Checks

Monitor image and satisfaction development between full-market strategic studies.


Idea Validation

Assess the demand or potential acceptance of new programming ideas against P1’s.

Social Networking

Install a Facebook application to build research panels from your station’s Facebook community.

Tactical Music Tests

Conduct music polls and create countdowns.

Crowd Aircheck

Let your entire audience participate in an aircheck and let them have their say.


Strategic Tools

A clear and focused strategy is the key to any successful station. myradiotest can help you create and implement your best strategy based on quantifiable research outcomes.


Music Strategy

We help you discover what music expectations your station has, or needs to crearte, and build systems to achieve your goals. We’ll help build or refine the library based on the station’s strategy, set the rules, build clocks, recommend songs to add (or not) and help your team to create great playlists every single day.

Market Strategy

The right strategy comes from the right interpretation of research. We help create and implement your best strategy based on research and not gut feeling.


Perceptual Research

Perceptual research is a crucial component of radio research strategy. It provides your programming team with knowledge of what listeners want, and how they perceive each station’s performance in accordance with their expectations. Our perceptual research covers many areas including music, branding, formats, personalities, benchmarks and contests.

Tracking Research

Tracking involves weekly monitoring of trends in the market, testing elements such as stations most listened to, daypart listening, TSL (light, medium and heavy listening) and perceptions. Tracking research is a powerful too that enables programmers to fine tune their station’s performance on a regular basis, and gives them the ability to immediately address issues.

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About Us

The myradiotest team represents some of the industry’s most experienced professionals. Our team demonstrates extensive knowledge in a range of radio solutions, with experience spanning the globe.


Our Team

Martin Kopp, Multimedia Consultant

Martin has a strong radio background with experience in on-air production, on-air presentation and programming. Martin operates myradiotest, which is the first multilingual online platform for radio stations testing music and other programming content. Martin also specialises in the development and management of client databases and relationship marketing.

Martina Putz, Senior Research Manager

Martina has over 12 years of market research experience with an extensive background in project management, panel management, questionnaire design and data reporting/analysis. In her capacity as Senior Research Manager, she is responsible for planning, organising, managing and delivering complex and multinational online projects, helping some of the biggest TV and radio enterprises worldwide to strengthen their performance and increase their market share.



Matina Gkougka, Project Manager

Matina is a social media lover, with over five years of experience in the industry, as well as a proven ability in demonstrating high quality results. As Project Manager, Matina executes, monitors and controls various online research projects for our clients around the globe, including music tests and large scale strategic studies.


Sabrina Malceva, Project Manager

As a skilled researcher, Sabrina is passionate about uncovering insights and solving complex problems. With her strong analytical skills and attention to detail, she is a valuable addition to our team, bringing new perspectives and innovative ideas to our research projects. We are confident that Sabrina will make a significant contribution to our company and help us continue to provide high-quality research services to our clients.


Dan Murray, Project Manager

Text for Dan


Our Approach


Flexible and Scalable

Choose from pre-built generic platforms through to custom designed user interfaces, questionaires and domains. myradiotest outputs seamlessly to BPR Xplorer (TM) for expansive re-analysis options.

Modular Solutions

myradiotest can test a wide range of content including text, music, speech still images, television footage and video. Combine content elements for an engaging test experience.


Extensive Network

Our sophisticated database provides the opportunity for long-term trend analysis based on any question, criteria or respondent profile. We leverage social networks and mobile apps as research gateways for drawing samples and identifying target audiences.

Service and Know-how

Benefit from or global market experience and proven platform – no matter your station or network.

Success Stories


Our company has had a long association with BPR, particularly Peter Don. Peter has played an integral role in the strategic planning of our radio brands. This has included advice on research, overseeing methodology, interpretation of results, presentation of findings to senior management, and implementation advice. We use Peter as both a sounding board and to provide the company with trends on programme strategy, formats and promotions and marketing. We have used the BPR Xplorer software for many years, with BPR providing updates and training. In summary, BPR has been a significant contributor to our business over many years.

Leon Wratt
Group Program Director, MediaWorks Radio, New Zealand

Who we've worked with: